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C15 is used as a foundation or footing mix for non-load bearing walls, garden walls up to 900mm high and footing mixes for house construction.

C20 This strength is used as a footing mix in house construction where ground is found to be soft or unstable, used mainly as the slab foundation to the floor of houses and bungalows. Bases for caravans and pathways need this strength of concrete, the latter using a 10mm aggregate for a smoother finish.

C25 Dependent on special requirements this mix may be needed for slab foundation to houses or bungalows, it is also used when replacing or the making good of existing floors. Farmers use it as a general yard mix, an area for gathering of livestock and the passage of light machinery such as tractors and land rovers.

C30 / C35 Structural concrete mixes for roadways, access to farms or anywhere where large and heavy vehicles require access on a daily basis. Durable mixes to withstand heavy wear and the ever changing climate. Strong enough to withstand continuous heavy rain, frosts, snow and prolonged dry periods.

C40/C45 This mix is widely used in the farming environment, for the manufacture of both slurry and silage pits. Strength to contain tonnes of waste product produced and a strong mix (i.e. cement content) to withstand the acids and chemicals produced by and added to silage, which can remain in these pits for long lengths of time.

The type of concrete or screed that you require will normally be specified by a structural engineer, however our experts at Advanced Concrete Company will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about which grade of concrete you should use for your project. Simply give us a call on 020 8641 8238.

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