Concrete Pump HIre in Surrey and South London

Concrete pumps are a safe and efficient way to get mixed concrete or screed directly to its required location.  As well as saving considerable time and effort, concrete pumps can also be used where access is difficult, making traditional methods of transporting the concrete, such as wheelbarrows, inappropriate.

Why Hire a Concrete Pump?

  • Deliver your concrete directly to the required location quickly and safely
  • Your Ready Mix Concrete or Screed arrives in prime condition, reducing waste and saving you money
  • A Concrete Pump allows access to difficult areas
  • Less effort required, both in moving the concrete and clearing up afterwards

Types of Concrete Pump

Advantage Concrete Company offers two types of concrete pump for hire throughout Surrey and South London:

Landline Concrete Pumps are used on ground level sites.  With reach of up to 300 metres, they are perfect for when access is limited, such as to the rear of a terraced property.

Boom Concrete Pumps are used to pump Ready Mix Concrete or Screed at height for jobs that are not at ground level. A Boom Concrete Pump can even pump concrete over the top of a building.

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